About Us

An Integrative Health Centre

Our Vision

To create a multidisciplinary healthcare center that supports the wellness of mind, body and spirit. To provide a supportive, empathetic, and holistic rehabilitative environment for our clients that allows for collaborative care amongst a highly knowledgeable and experienced healthcare team. To provide easy access to education and knowledge for our local community, covering a variety of health and wellness topics to help empower own self-care and healing. And to provide opportunities for ongoing and innovative professional development for healthcare providers and those in the health and well-being industry to elevate excellence of care for our clients and our local community.

Our Story

It all started when Hannah, Lisa and Savanna connected through a mutual friend (the beauty of a small town like Smithers) and began discussing our desires and visions for our individual practices. As practitioners in different fields of healthcare, we were aware of the benefits of a collaborative and integrative healthcare model that helps the client address what are often complex and multifactorial health and wellness needs. We had been referring clients to each other over the years, yet found it difficult to connect and collaborate from our separate locations. We realized that being under one roof would make this a much easier process.

Our vision is to offer a variety of healthcare options in one centre that supports and addresses the multiple aspects of whole-body wellness. Our intention is to educate and empower you, the patient, by providing access to passionate, highly skilled, and well-educated healthcare providers.

When deciding on a name we were drawn to the Latin root tri, meaning three; this represents the three of us partnering to create Trillium Integrative Health Centre. We also connected to the medicinal aspect of the trillium. It is an edible plant with a long history of medicinal use by Native Americans. The root is used as an alternative medicine also known as ‘birthroot’, which originated from its use to promote menstruation.

This connection to women’s health stood out to us due to our mutual passion for the treatment of pelvic floor and women’s health concerns. Hannah Barnes, our Registered Physiotherapist, has completed her specialized training in pelvic floor and women’s health, with special interests in pre and postpartum health and pelvic pain. Lisa Hendry, our Registered Massage Therapist, has extended knowledge in treatment of abdomen-pelvic visceral mobility and motility, and Savanna Levenson, our Registered Acupuncturist, has special interests in pre and postnatal care and women’s health.

Although we share a common interest in women’s health, it is not the sole focus of our center. With our collective years of knowledge and experience, we are dedicated to treating and rehabilitating a wide variety of healthcare concerns and injuries in young and old, male and female. Since opening our doors, we have been honoured to welcome new practitioners into the Trillium team as we continue to expand our services and offer our community the highest quality of care to help you address your recovery, health and wellness needs.

We are very excited to bring Trillium Integrative Health Centre to the Bulkley Valley, offering access to multi-disciplinary healthcare under one roof. We would love for you to come and visit and experience our warm, holistic environment, as well as our caring and supportive team.


Our Clinic

Located in downtown Smithers, BC


Words From Our Patients

  • As an older active fellow who has abused his body over the years, I can't say enough about the treatments I've had from Hannah Barnes and Lisa Hendry at Trillium Integrative Health Centre. They are always very professional and confident. They help to fix me up when I've injured myself and also help with maintaining my body and keep me active.
    Kelly Fulton (PT & RMT)
  • My experience with the Trillium team has been so positive. I fractured and dislocated my ankle last July and realized I would need to commit to my rehab in order to get back to enjoying all the activities that I wanted to do even though I dreaded the thought of performing boring repetitious exercises. What initially attracted me to Trillium was the idea of a team of people working together to help me achieve full function and that is exactly what I got. Hannah has been the "anchor" of my team and has used traditional physio, IMS and Clinical Pilates all - of which have been extremely beneficial. When my healing reached a plateau of sorts, she spoke with Savanna about utilizing acupuncture to help me move forward - I was a bit apprehensive about acupuncture (the needles!) but it worked brilliantly, moving me past some of the soft tissue restrictions almost overnight - it felt almost miraculous! Massage has also played a vital role - in assisting with swelling, ligament healing, and relieving muscle tension that came as a result of compensating for my injury. What also has meant so much to me is that everyone at Trillium has encouraged me and with their positive attitude kept me moving forward. I cannot recommend this incredible team enough!!
    Lorna Evenden (PT, Acupuncture, RMT)
  • I’d like to start by saying that trillium is a warm, calm and inviting space. Marie is friendly and sweet when she greets you at the front desk. I’ve been coming to Trillium for just under a year I believe. I started going for massage with Lisa and at some point it was realized that I may have had an issue that would benefit from some physio with Hannah. Between the two practices of massage and physio treatments (IMS), my issue was corrected and my problem didn’t get worse; it got better, and I feel that it improved quickly as I had two health professionals working together to get me on the road to recovery.
    Rheta Lemke
  • I saw Hannah for pregnancy and postnatal physiotherapy. Hannah is kind, gentle and professional in her practice. She recommended exercises and forms of movement to strengthen my pelvic floor and rebuild my abdominal strength that could be easily integrated into my day-to-day life. Her postnatal pelvic floor assessment and treatment recommendations gave me confidence and peace of mind in my recovery, and the guidance to rebuild my strength in a safe and healthy way. I largely credit the speed of my postnatal recovery to her treatment. We are extremely fortunate to have Hannah's services in Smithers.
    Robyn Van Iderstine
  • I feel like Hannah gave me my life back! All of the things that I was able to physically do that brought me joy were suddenly not an option anymore. I was heartbroken at the thought of never being able to do them again because of my pain...I was devastated! After one session with Hannah, I felt an amazing relief from the pain and started to feel hope. With that hope, determination and Hannah’s help I have my life back! Thank you for all that you do, Hannah.